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Kadalys elected Blue Beauty Brand of the year 2021 in the USA!

Blue Beauty Awards - Kadalys Shirley Billot

Launched by INNOCOS - a network of executives and leaders in the field of health, beauty and well-being - and Beauty Heroes - retailer of healthy beauty products -, the Blue Beauty Awards reward a brand or an innovative product in its eco-circular approach and for its positive impact on the environment. The competing brands are selected on the basis of demanding criteria relating to the ingredients making up the formula of the products presented.

After a first selection period, judges Jeannie Jarnot (founder and CEO of, Deanna Utroske (editor-in-chief of Beauty Business magazine), Kelly Kovack (Member of the board of directors, founder of Beauty Matter) and Irina Kremin (founder of the INNOCOS Beauty Influence Network) named the competitors in different categories:

• Blue Beauty Award for zero waste innovation

• Blue Beauty Award for innovative packaging

• Blue Beauty Award for the positive impact on the environment

• Blue Beauty Award for an environmentally conscious beauty company

• Blue Beauty brand of the year award (all categories combined)

In February, Kadalys was named a finalist in the zero waste innovation and positive environmental impact categories, for its work in recovering waste from the banana sector; as well as for its social approach to create and maintain employment in Martinique and Guadeloupe, two islands severely affected by the economic crisis.

On Wednesday March 2, after several days of deliberation, the judges named Kadalys: Blue Beauty Brand of the year 2021, the prize that meets all the criteria of all the categories of the competition.

This prize rewards the brand which, from its creation to its sale, embodies and carries the values ​​of the circular economy, sustainable development, innovation and social responsibility.

Organic Nutritive Oil - Kadalys Shirley

“Kadalys is more than a beauty brand: it is a manifestation of the green economy in all its glory, exploiting the full value of what nature has to offer, with a positive social impact for employment as well. as the advancement of an industry. The brand's vision, persistence and innovations will transform the banana industry for decades to come. »Jeannie Jarnot, Deanna Utroske, Kelly Kovack, Irina Kremin

This award is further proof of the work and commitment provided by our founder Shirley Billot, through Kadalys, for the environment and its island, Martinique. It’s also another demonstration that it is possible to manufacture better and responsibly.

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